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As far as our romantic story goes, we met on Valentine’s Day (2012) and have been together ever since! A little over a year later, we tied the knot in a small and intimate wedding in the Austrian Alps. Our wedding was exactly how we imagined – outdoors, surrounded by mountains, laid-back and simply a good time with our closest friends and family. We love unconventional weddings that are not dictated by tradition, but by personal taste and preference.
Currently based in Constance, Germany, we enjoy living close to the lake and the Alps. Most afternoons during the summer, we spend a couple of hours in the afternoon at the lake, just five minutes from our home, with our little boy, Joshua. He loves throwing stones into the water and laughs so hard when the waves come crashing into his sweet face. As long as he is little, we are able to put him in a hiking carrier when we take walks in nature on our day trips. We cherish the little adventures that we have as a family.
As much as we enjoy photographing weddings in the area, we are always excited to travel beyond the German border. While Joshua spends a few days with his grandparents, we are happy to capture gorgeous weddings throughout Europe.

Aida Glowik

Photography for me is an artistic form of expression through which I use images as catalyst to tell stories. I find utter delight in being able to document precious moments that may otherwise fade into a distant memory.

My aim is to keep an eye out for beauty in the form of either an authentic moment conveying raw emotions or even a speck of light hitting an object at an interesting angle. I simply love focusing on details that may fleet at a second’s notice – capturing it to be viewed with pure nostalgia in years to come. My goal is never to document perfection, but rather to represent reality in a unique way.

I spent the formative years of my life in Ethiopia before moving to the US for my Bachelors. I pursued my studies in Travel and Tourism and had the amazing opportunity to do a semester in South Africa as well as another trip through the UK, France and Italy – that is when my love for Europe blossemed. Soon after, I moved to Switzerland and completed a Master’s Degree in Business Administration with a Major in Tourism. This is where most people stop me to ask where photography fits in. In my story, my passion for photography was sparked through my love for Tim. He had already been working as a photographer and when I met him, I was fascinated by his images. Before I knew it, I had quit my marketing job in Zürich and was thrust into the world of wedding photography – and I couldn’t be happier!

Still eager to know more? You can follow along on my journey on my blog!

Joshua Glowik

In October 2016, we got a beautiful addition to our team. Our precious little boy keeps us company with his laughs and sweet smiles. He is currently obsessed with cars, which he refers to as “auto-car” (a mixture of German and English)… we do hope that he will also develop a keen eye and passion for photography.

Aida and Tim - Destination Wedding Photographers
Aida and Tim - Destination Wedding Photographers

Tim Glowik

It was on my trip to Australia back in 2005 that I realised that photography lights me up inside. I remember how proud I was of the photos I took with my Olympus compact camera. Today I can see how I would have done things differently – used better equipment, optimised the composition, edited more professionally – but at the same time, I see the value of those humble beginnings. After all, it is initially the reason that led me to the career and lifestyle that I have today, and I am thankful for it.
When I am not photographing a wedding, I love to travel to far away places that are off the beaten path. Activities like trekking in Patagonia, exploring the safari in Ethiopia, driving through the windy roads of the Azores is what truly excites me. The exotic landscapes and animals that I see on these trips keep me grounded and expand my appeciation for mother nature. When I am visiting a bigger city, the hustle bustle of people going on with their daily lives also fascinates me – I enjoy experimenting with street photography on city trips.
I am also passionate about the technical aspect of photography. I can spend hours reading up on the latest technology and talking to other enthusiasists on photography forums. I am always looking forward to getting my hand on the latest equipment, that’s why I make a point to visit exhibitions like PhotoKina. If you too are like me, and get fired up talking about cameras, get in touch – I am your guy!

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Aida and Tim - Destination Wedding PhotographersAida and Tim - Destination Wedding PhotographersAida and Tim - Destination Wedding Photographers Aida and Tim - Destination Wedding Photographers